Ultra Pure Water

Ultra-Pure Water for Ultra-Pure Hydration.

From Aixallia’s laboratories in Aix-en-Provence comes water so pure it’s a million times purer than spring water. Utilizing proprietary filtration processes, L’Eau Ultime is free from harmful chemicals and biological agents that can irritate sensitive skin. This bacteria-free water allows the full potency of our natural Mediterranean botanicals to be released. Aixallia’s ultra-pure cleansing leaves skin refreshed and preserves youthful radiance. Aixallia’s soft water base and neutral pH respects the skin’s dermal/epidermal border.

Controlled by external laboratories, Aixallia ultra-pure water is certified to the European Pharmacopeia. Without any odor or color, it ensures consistent quality in our cosmetics.

Ultra-pure water allows the use of less aggressive preservatives at lower percentages. Limestone-free water avoids crystallization on the skin that may cause itching, irritation, red patches, chaps or eczema. The reduction of surfactant and chelating agents in our hygienic formulations, while maintaining a good foamy consistency, offers better skin tolerance with superior cleansing.